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Apex Text to Speech 2.3

Apex Text to Speech can read texts in a loud voice through your PC speakers
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Apex Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Apex Text to Speech is a program that can read texts in a loud voice through your PC speakers.
Converting a text to speech can be very convenient if you need to distribute information for visually impaired or illiterate people. You can enter the text to be read manually, by loading a text file or copying the text from any text file, and pasting it into the program´s interface. Then, you can choose the voice you want the program to use to read it aloud, and launch the reader by pressing the "Speak" button. You will then hear the words included in the text spoken through your speakers. You can stop or pause the reading at any time.

Text to Speech Software allows you to save the sound generated by the program into a .WAV file, a format that can be played by almost every sound player. It can read PDF, Word, Excel, HTML and RTF files.

The program is intended to use Microsoft´s Speech Synthesizer, that can only achieve accurate results when speaking English. Other languages will produce awful results.

The demo version of Apex Text to Speech will work for thirty days, an will be able to convert up to 2048 characters.

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  • It is very easy to use


  • Poor results when reading texts in languages other than English
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